VJ Lady Firefly

Zarah Cabañas, aka VJ Lady Firefly, is a force to reckon with.  A self-described Modern-Ancient, Zarah creates extended visions in the space where dreams and waking life collide. Her video works unearth the groovy, sexy, and cosmic.

As VJ Lady Firefly, she performs in a variety of collaborations and events (details in the Short List) throughout New York City and abroad.  Through her work as Associate Creative Director at Blue Man Group, Zarah creates concert visuals, music videos, show content, and video installations for industrial multimedia shows.

Frequent collaborators include VJ VisualHornHonkinG (MadFlat), DJ Small Change (WFMU Radio, APT), DJ ActivePhaze (MadFlat), Paul Amitai (The Collection Agency), VJ Yuri Elik (2012), Dok Gregory (Amoeba Technology, ZGT), Zemi17 (The Danger, Gamelatron), Ned Wilbur and Alex Colwell, Viva de Concini, and WvS.